Michele Vick

Hi' I am Michele Vick

Hi! I’m Michele! I work closely with TCALL’s Managing Director to plan and execute the pilot year of the Distance Education Professional Development Call Center (DEPDC).

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4477-TAMU College Station, TX, USA

Michele Vick

Associate Director - Distance Education Professional Development Center

Personal Experience

  • Over 15 years teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, including in high schools, universities and private language centers in North Africa and the Middle East and in an Adult Education program in Texas  
  • Helped design and launch program to serve needs of Internationally Trained Professionals at local program in Texas, including designing an 8-week course for these students
  • Specialized in teaching academic English for learners planning to do advanced study, including TOEFL and IELTS test preparation, but also loves teaching beginner ESL students and building confidence in speaking skills
  • Facilitated the pilot of a British Council-designed Distance Learning program for Libya
  • Launched, managed, trained and/or supervised instructors at multiple centers in North Africa 
  • Has lived in 4 countries and speaks Arabic



  • Works closely with TCALL’s Managing Director to plan and execute the pilot year of the Distance Education Professional Development Center (DEPDC)
  • Under direction from TCALL’s Managing Director, Michele plans, organizes, directs, and manages daily operations of the DEPDC
  • Assists in the development of strategic plans and goals to support the Distance Education Professional Development Center
  • Develops and implements standard operating procedures for the DEPDC
  • Oversees the development and production of training, marketing, informational and other materials designed for the DEPDC
  • Supports the DEPDC Call Center manager and provides assistance on Call Center operations
  • Evaluates center procedures and performance reports
  • Oversees and ensures the hiring and orientation of DEPDC staff
  • Supervises, establishes and monitors performance goals and provides evaluation for DEPDC staff 
  • Provides oversight for project budget and monitors spending
  • Analyzes center statistics for reporting, tracking progress, and adjusting initiatives
  • Maintains activity records and provides weekly progress reports to Managing Director and TWC liaison and quarterly reports to TWC


  • Works with Adult Education and Literacy programs around the state to identify training needs related to distance learning, remote instruction and digital skills training
  • With the DEPDC team, identifies subject matter experts and coordinates the provision of training and development for programs around the aforementioned domains
  • Evaluates existing PD content on PD Portal to determine gaps in training and plans updates to existing training.
  • Assists in distance education PD content development
  • Delivers training as needed in support of state priorities for distance education
  • Participates in the evaluation, observation, mentoring, and development of trainers used by the DEPDC


  • Ed. M. in Education (Specializing in Mind, Brain, Education)
  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA)

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